/dʒɪb / (say jib)

1. a triangular sail (or either of two triangular sails, inner jib and outer jib) set in front of the forward (or single) mast.
2. any of certain similar sails set beyond the jib proper, as a flying jib.
3. the cut of someone's jib, Colloquial someone's general appearance. {Phrase Origin: from the practice of identifying a ship from the shape of its jib}
{? related to gibbet}
/dʒɪb / (say jib)

verb (i), verb (t) (jibbed, jibbing)
/dʒɪb / (say jib)

verb (i) (jibbed, jibbing)
1. to move restively sideways or backwards instead of forwards, as an animal in harness; baulk.
2. to hold back or baulk at doing something.
3. an animal that jibs.
4. jib at, be reluctant to; show unwillingness to.
{origin uncertain}
jibber, noun
/dʒɪb / (say jib)

the projecting arm of a crane; the boom of a derrick.
{apparently shortened form of gibbet}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.

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